This is ME!

I'm not one to sit in on a class to figure out how to make something, but I am one who does trial and error on my own.  I will try something, figure out what I did wrong, and fix it!  I decided I wanted to share with you the experience I have had so you all know where I get my stuff/know how!

Let's start at the very beginning.  Of course it was with Mom!  My first meal that I learned to fix was Spaghetti!  I remember making cookies when I was young also and making Mac-N-Cheese when I babysat for others. 
As soon as I was old enough to get a job, I started working at the Koosharem Cafe.  That is where I learned to make pies, with Mom and Grandma giving me some advice on how to make them just perfect.  Yes, Tina trusted me enough to make Burkley his Cherry Pie!  Ofcourse I cooked many burgers at the cafe, made lots of shakes, but I also learned how to cook a steak, and make Ranch Dressing from scratch.  I worked at the cafe for 5-6 summers. 
From the cafe I went to Logan to school and got a job waitressing at Angie's restaurant.  No cooking there, but still dealt with food for 2 years. 
From Angie's I went to Randy's Restaurant.  I was a waitress there also, but then also became his baker.  This is where I was able to compile my own recipes and use them.  I baked cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, biscuits, pie's, and scones.  Randy's lasted for about 1 1/2 years.
After Randy's I tried out the bakery at Lee's Grocery Store for a short time.  It was a very uncomfortable situation for me working there because I had no clue what I was doing.  I did learn a lot though in the two weeks that I worked there. :)
My next adventure took me to Lotsa Pizza Pie.  This is where I learned how to TOSS a pizza!  I was always covered in flour fom head to toe after tossing.  I made many pizzas there.  When they found out that I worked with dough, they had me make their pizza dough for them.  This was a great job because I could take my toddler with me in the morning before they opened and make all my dough, then I was done for the day.  This job lasted for a year until I quit so I could have my 2nd child.
Following the pizza place, I took a job at a bed and breakfast/wedding reception center.  Here I dealt with some food also.  I served breakfast to the guests of the bed and breakfast then also helped on the wedding side with serving refreshments at the receptions.
Now to the most important job.  I have been married 12 1/2 years to my best friend.  I love to cook for him!  Most of my meals have him in mind.  He eats whatever is put in front of him...even if it didn't turn out.  I also have 4 beautiful daughters.  I LOVE making cookies for them.  They are my best critics.  From a 11 year old to a 2 year old, they let me know if they like a meal or not.  Each one has their own likes and dislikes so they all have to give a little so they each can have a turn having what they like.  They have already planned my own restaurant for me and ask me to come cook school lunch.  They definately know how to make me feel good.
I still call mom (and even dad) for advice on cooking and have also learned new things from my MIL....And I don't want to leave out my sisters/sisters-in-law and brothers.  Yes, my brothers are amazing cooks!  Maybe it's because they sample as they cook...then they can add what they need! 
I know I'm not the best cook, and sometimes I don't enjoy cooking, but I needed a hobby and this blog came about.  I'm just a mom who has to feed the kids and I have a budget to do it on.  My meals are not that fancy, but they work for us.
Thanks to all who have commented and supported me in my Hobby.  You are the reason I keep doing it.
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