Monday, July 26, 2010

July Weekly Menu 4

Sunday: Dutch Oven Chicken and Potatoes
Monday: Stroganoff/Steamed Brocolli
Tuesday: Ham-n-Potatoes/Corn
Wednesday: Fish-n-Chips
Friday: Three Cheese Beef Pasta Shells/Green Salad/Garlic Bread
TIS THE SEASON! Dutch Oven time. Jim and I love to cook with the DUTCH OVEN. We haven't really done much of it since we have lived in Nevada. Sunday we pulled out the DUTCH OVENS, cleaned them up and made some yummy CHICKEN and POTATOES. The recipe will be coming soon. We are looking forward to spending a week with Jim's family camping, where there will be plenty of yummy outdoor cooking being done!
What is your favorite thing to eat when camping?
I really like to roast HOT DOGS!


Pedey said...

When we went camping last week I made Teriyaki Chicken foil dinners that were really good! I put some carrot chips down first, then 2 or 3 chicken tenders. Season with salt/pepper/garlic powder then top with sliced onion, red bell pepper, green bell pepper & canned pineapple chunks. then drizzle teriyaki sauce out of a jar, wrap them up & toss into the firs for 1/2 hour. It was a new recipe for me but I think it's my new favorite camp dinner!!

Anonymous said...

I lke to line the dutch oven with cabbage leaves. Place a small head of cauliflower in the center and place carrots, onions, broccoli or whatever other veg you like around it season with salt and pepper and place over coals to cook. When finished cooking, place margaring over the top and enjoy some veggies.

Jessie said...

tin foil dinners are my fav!!!

Shell said...

I can't wait! And just so you know, I have a hard time looking at your blog because all those cookies make me crazy! I could eat one of each!

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