Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Watermelon...An Easy Way to Cut It!

My favorite way to eat a watermelon is COLD!  I remember when Mom and Dad would get a watermelon they would put it in a bucket or a cooler and let water from a hose run on it til we were ready to eat it.  Oh soo GOOD! We would always slice a huge piece for everyone and lay it on a big plate, then dig in!
Here is how I cut my watermelon.
 Wash your watermelon.  I wipe it down with a wet paper towel.  When cutting, you push stuff from the outside through the watermelon. I set the watermelon on a cookie sheet to keep the juice from getting all over.
Cut a slice off the top and bottom.  It will stand on it's own then.
Cut the rine off in sections going from top to bottom.

 Cut into 4ths
Take one of the 4ths, lay it on a flat side and slice into 1"-2" slices.
Take half of the section you are working with, lay it on the flat side with slices stacked ontop of each other and slice into 1"-2" strips. 

Turn the section a 1/4 of a turn and slice again creating little squares/chunks. Cut the other section of the 4th that you were working with.  Continue cutting the rest of the watermelon the same way.
 Place in a large bowl and serve.
**It seems when I have a watermelon all cut up we eat it better.  If we just cut a slice off at a time, we never finish it. This watermelon is a seedless watermelon.  Watermelons with seeds have such a better flavor, but trying to remove the seeds for all the kids gets frustrating.

**I learned this way of cutting it from a sister in my Hyrum ward. This is about the only way I cut a watermelon.  I catanlope the same way...but I only cut it into halfs then start with the slices.


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