Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Helpful tip...Softening Butter

 I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS forget to pull my butter out of the fridge a few hours before I make cookies. If your butter is room temperature it makes a difference in the appearance of your cookies....for example, I have pulled butter out of the fridge to make cookies, needed it "room temp" right then, stuck it in the microwave for about 12 secs.  The melting process has already started with the butter once I do that and it causes a FLAT cookie!
Notice the difference between these two pictures of cookies.
The cookie with the microwave softened butter flattens out, and the edges turn brown and crispy.
Room temp butter cookies hold their form a little better and cook more uniform.
This has just been my own observation when I have made cookies. So, I thought I would share a helpful tip that I found for helping you soften your butter to room temp quicker!
This idea was found HERE!
Grate the amount you need! It will soften alot quicker! You will be making those COOKIES SOONER!


Carolee said...

Good idea! Mine AlWAYS turn out lik the first picture :/

StubbsFamily said...

That is a good idea. More than once I have set it out on my front porch in the sun.

Sandra said...

I use the defrost setting on the microwave. A few seconds on each side and it's done and not melted.

Brittany said...

I never take the butter out of the fridge before making cookies. If you blend it well enough with the sugar then it doesn't matter. Flat and buttery cookies are about how much flour is in the dough, not if it was softened. Softening the butter just helps you blend it easier with the sugar.

Kristi Rowley said...

Thanks for the useful tips. Yes, you can add extra flour to help your cookies not be so flat, but also adding extra flour can make your cookie more dry and go hard faster instead of being soft and chewy.

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