Monday, April 12, 2010

April Weekly Menu 1

Sunday: (EASTER) Ham/Funeral Potatos/Veggie/Rainbow Jello/Rolls
Monday: Spaghetti Pie/Green Beans
Tuesday: Tomato Basil Chicken/Brown Rice/Veggie
Wednesday: Hamburger/Turkey Burgers/Carrot sticks/Hint of Salt Chips
Friday: French Bread Pizza
This weeks menu included meals cooked for my parents. My mom is on a Low/No Salt Diet. When looking for meals to cook without salt, you really have to start from scratch. No already prepared foods. I cooked my TOMATO BASIL CHICKEN for them along with BROWN RICE. I also did TURKEY BURGERS for them. Mom and Dad eat alot of salads. They are very creative when making salads and are willing to try new things. Apples in a green salad add alot of flavor.


Jessica said...

I love your menus. I would just love it for you to come and cook for me. Your food is always delicious!

kate said...

thank you for missing me :) Please do link to me!

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