Monday, June 14, 2010

June Weekly Menu 3

Sunday: Turkey and Roast Beef Sandwiches
Monday: Picnic at the Park...Fried Chicken/Rolls/Potato Salad
Tuesday: Taco's
Wednesday: Tator Tot Casserole/Green Salad
Friday: Chicken Brocolli Alfredo Pasta/Garlic Toast

What is your favorite food to eat at PICNICS?


Jessica said...

It all sounds so good! My favorite picnic food is KFC! I know that's terrible. But I love to do sandwiches, chips and fresh fruit too.

Pedey said...

Beans! Good old baked beans! My hubby & kids all hate them so the only time I get to enjoy them is at summer gatherings.

Cole and Kimala said...

Salads!! All the good ones, fruit, jello, my moms cabbage salad. Too many to name. And a nice cold cut sandwich. If I am lucky, Jimmy Johns!!

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