Friday, September 24, 2010


Thanks to all who entered and are followers!  I honestly felt giddy this morning knowing today was the day!
And the winner is!!!!!
(number picked by true random number generator at RANDOM.ORG)
Comment #10
Homemade OREO! I'm a follower! Check out my status on my FB!

Yeah for Chelsie!
Chelsie, I actually have your info!  Watch for your apron to come in the mail!


Pedey said...

Congratulations, Chelsie!!

Carolee said...

Yea for whoever Chelsie is, Sad for me.

kate said...

Chelsie.. I am jealous. There better be more of these give•aways!!! :)

Lacy said...

Congrats, Chelsie! I'm thinking I'd better try and make some of that caramel popcorn to soften the blow...

Chelsie Brown said...

I have been checking to see who won all week. Then out of nowhere I get a small package in the mail, so I run to the computer and look again and I figure out that you had posted it the whole time. I was clicking on the link to your contest and it doesn't register new posts. Stupid me. I AM SO EXCITED! It is sooooooo... Cute. Thanks a ton!

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