Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Weekly Menu 1

Sunday: Homemade Lasagna/Garlic Bread/Green Beans
Monday: Tomato Macaroni Soup/Homemade Bread
Tuesday: Waffles and Ham
Wednesday: Chicken Quesadilla's
Friday: Went Camping! Roasted Hotdogs/Watermelon/Potato Salad/Chips/Smores!
I'm all for trying to take short cuts and finding ways to make yummy meals quicker. For instance, I like to fry several pounds of hamburger at once then freeze it. Then when I make soup or taco's or other things that require ground beef I can just pull it out and throw it in a recipe. Do you have any tricks you like to do that save you time in the kitchen?


Brittany said...

What a great Idea! When I make rolls or breadsticks for dinner I make twice as much and shape and freeze half to use for another meal. Kind of the same only with bread. That way I am not buying rhodes rolls to save time.

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