Monday, September 27, 2010

September Weekly Menu 4

Sunday:  Apricot Chicken/Rice/Veggie/Jello
Monday:  Bean Burritos/Spanish Rice
TuesdayMalibu Chicken/Baked Potato/Veggie
WednesdaySloppy Joe Bake/Veggie
Thursday:  LEFTOVERS
FridayEnchilada's/Corn/Green Salad

What is your favorite KITCHEN TOOL?


kate said...

Love your blog. Love your menus. Love your 'kitchen questions'... Just love ya!

ps.. it's my whisk!

Pedey said...

Favorite tool is my tongs because they keep me from having to touch raw meet!!

Brittany said...

My Cookie scoop!!!

Lacy said...

That Malibu Chicken looks YUMMY! I think my favorite kitchen tool would have to be my small spiral whisk (I love it so much, I have two!) I use it for gravies, cream soups, pancake/waffle batter, anything that I don't want lumps in, it's the best!

Shell said...

Kristi, you'll laugh when I tell you my new favorite kitchen tool, because you know me so well. My new favorite is disposable plastic gloves so I don't have to touch the raw meat!

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