Monday, October 11, 2010

October Weekly Menu 2

Sunday:  Baked Potato Bar/Salad
MondaySloppy Joe Bake/Veggies
Tuesday:  Spaghetti/Green Beans
Wednesday:  McTeacher Night
Thursday:  Leftovers
Friday: Mini-Meatloafs/veggie/potatoes

Last week I asked about whether you do all your shopping at once for the whole week or if you go several times.  I like to get it all done at once and usually do but sometimes there are little things I forget to pick up or I run out of time when I am shopping and have to go another day.  I'm sure I am not the only one who does this. 
I also like to shop the ads.  I really have no trick to saving money when I shop but I do like to find bargains. Trying to shop only one day a week helps me save money.  I know there are programs or "smart shopping" ways that I have seen others do but I basically buy what I know my family will eat and what I can, I buy in bulk.  I compare prices in ads and try to use coupons too.
New Question:  Do you have a FAVORITE GROCERY STORE to shop at and if so, What is it? 


Pedey @ Do You Smell That!!? said...

I'm guessing, by the week's menu, that you found ground beef on sale!!?? LOL

My favorite store is the Save Mart on the north end of town. It's the store I've been going to for the 6 1/2 years we've lived here & I know all the staff really well - and they know my kids by name. I just love the friendly atmosphere. And the sales are really good, too. I've tried a few of the other stores in town but none of them feel like 'home' the way mine does, know what I mean?

Jessica said...

I think you know mine, but it's Macey's. I love their hometown feel. I love how clean it is, and you can't beat their produce. I prefer to go their over anywhere else, even if it will cost me a little more on occasions.

kate said...

I've started leaning towards Smith's Market {Kroger Stores} cause of all the coupons and great deals found through grocery smarts!

Erin Starks-Teeter said...

I live in New Jersey so the stores are a bit different here. There is a fabulous Italian run grocery store called Corrado's near us that we go to a lot. The store is full of whole foods with very few national brands. I love buying yogurt that was produced at a small farm 50 miles from my house or picking out unusual produce like orange cauliflower grown right here in New Jersey. The prices are comparable, if not cheaper than the bigger chains.

I also love Trader Joe's for more processed foods. We try something completely new every time we shop there. Last week it was cassava chips.

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