Monday, November 22, 2010

November Weekly Menu 4

Sunday:  Lasagna/Green Salad/Green Beans/Garlic Bread
Monday:  Spaghetti/Brocolli
Tuesday:  Mac-N-Cheese (Thanks to Brindley)
Wednesday:  Little Ceaser's $4.99 Pizza
Thursday:  LEFTOVERS
Friday:  Ridley's in Ely

Ok, as I looked back over this week.....Holy Cow!  What a great mother I am.  Monday was the only day I fixed something.  Tuesday I had a crockpot meal planned and never got it in the crockpot, then something came up in the evening and Brindley ended up fixing Mac-N-Cheese for the girls.  Wednesday I was busy running errands in the late afternoon/evening so I picked up some pizza.  I had to clean the fridge out Thursday because we left Friday for Koosharem.  I have had several frustrating experiences with the "fast food" places in Ely, so we always go to the grocery store (Ridley's) there and pick out microwave meals or something from the deli, then take it back to our motel to eat.  The kids love it!  Sunday we were at Mom's and she did a yummy lasagna.  Let's see if I can make this week a little better.  I'm at Mom's still, so I know we will be eating better!


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