Monday, March 22, 2010

Main Dish

Alfredo Sauce (Oliver Garden Recipe)
Apricot Chicken/Russian Chicken
Bacon Wrapped BBQ Chicken
Baked Chicken Penne with Broccoli
BBQ Chicken (Crockpot)
BBQ Pork Ribs
Beef Stew (Crockpot)
Beef Stroganoff
Beef Stroganoff II
Breaded Pork Chops
Broccoli Cheese Soup
Brown Sugar Meatloaf
Cheese Nib Chicken
Chicken Bacon Cream Cheese Taquito's
Chicken and Rice Casserole
Chicken Enchiladas (Easy)
Chicken Kabobs
Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Parmesan
Chicken Penne Alfredo with Broccoli
Chicken Quesadilla's
Corn Chowder (Mimi's)
Corn Dogs
Corned Beef Casserole
Creamy Homemade Mac-N- Cheese
Crispy French Onion Chicken
Dutch Oven Chicken and Potatoes
Easy Chicken Pot Pie (Bisquick)
Enchilada Casserole
French Bread Pizza
Grilled Cheese Pizza
Ham Fried Rice
Herbed Lemon Chicken
Homemade Egg Noodles
Hot and Spicy Chicken Strips
Hot Dogs
Italian Chicken
Lasagna (Easy)
Lime Rice
Malibu Chickenf
Mini Meatloafs
Mom's Homemade Chilli
Navajo Tacos
Pizza Casserole
Pita Pocket Pizza
Poppy Seed Chicken
Refried Been Burritos
Sloppy Jo's (Mom's Version)
Sloppy Joe Bake
Spaghetti Pie
Split Pea Soup
Steak Sandwiches
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Sweet and Sour Chicken II
Sweet Heat Louisiana Chilli
Sweet Pork (Like Cafe Rio's)
Swiss Chicken Casserole
Tatortot Casserole
Three Cheese Beef Pasta Shells
Tomato Basil Chicken
Tomato Macaroni Soup


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