Monday, December 6, 2010

December Weekly Menu 1

Sunday:  THANKSGIVING DINNER (my style)
Monday:  Orange Chicken/Rice
Tuesday:  Dream Dinners---French Onion Chicken/Fried Potatoes/Veggie
Wednesday:  Taco's
Thursday:  R.S. Dinner--Ham/Baked Potato/Salad
Friday:  Grilled Cheese/French Fries

Yes, I did a Thanksgiving Meal 10 days after Thanksgiving.  We never have leftovers when we visit family for Thanksgiving and to me, the leftovers are a big part of the Holiday too.  So, with Jim and my girls' help we made a yummy dinner.  I didn't over cook the turkey (like I always do)!!  Everything was so yummy.  I even tried GREEN BEAN casserole for the first time.....thanks to a friend and her family that joined us.  I quite liked it too!


Jessica said...

I cooked my own on Monday, and my first turkey. It was so good, and I finally got my yams! It was delicious!

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