Monday, December 13, 2010

December Weekly Menu 2

Before I post the menu......JIM, did you see the results of the voting?!  Uh ha!  BROWNIES ARE THEIR OWN CLASSIFICATION!  Thanks to all who voted!

Sunday:  Beef Roast/Mashed Potatoes and Gravy/Jello/Corn/Rolls
Monday: Leftover Turkey/Taters/Stuffing
Tuesday:  Penne Pasta with Marinara/Garlice bread/Green Beans
Wednesday: Tuna Helper/Green Salad
Thursday: LEFTOVERS!
FridayBean Burritos

Not much planning the meals has been happening lately.  Trying to prepare for the holidays has made it that dinner time comes around and we find what we can to make.  I'm loving having daughters that are getting old enough to fix dinner when I am busy with other things.  I told my Mom the other day, "HA, I have FOUR girls to help me!"  Love my Girls!


Jessica said...

Are you planning anything special for you birthday dinner? I hope you and Jim can at least go out.

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