Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Helpful Tip

A Good Friend from back home shared a tip on how to save time in the kitchen.  Check out her tip on her blog:  Green Eyed Girl Crafts!  I Love how organized her freezer is.
Thanks Vicki for the Great Idea!

I always try to buy hamburger in bulk.  It saves $$$.  My mom taught me to do this.  I divide it up (usually in 1 lb chunks), wrap it in seran wrap then foil and freeze it.  A trick I saw Jim's mom do was premake hamburger patties also.  Stack them with wax paper between each patty.  Wrap with seran wrap then foil and freeze.


Lacy said...

I love the idea of pre-making the hamburger patties! :)

PS. I forgot to respond on my blog about the "Egg Toast" you're more than welcome to post whatever you like... do you want my pictures?

Anonymous said...

I buy in bulk too. I find it helpful to brown most of it before freezing, then I freeze it cooked in freezer bags, in 1/2lb or 1lb. 1/2lb is helpful b/c I use that for quick go-to meals like spaghetti sauce or Hamburger Helper (I don't use a full pound). Often I'll go through my menu and label the baggies: 1lb, enchiladas, 1lb tacos, 1lb shepherds pie. I do the same with raw meat, 1 1/2 lbs labeled for hamburgers or meatloaf, etc. I do this with my raw chicken as well since I but it in bulk or on sale.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Sorry, I just checked that link you sent, ignore my comment!

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