Sunday, February 13, 2011

Homemade Valentine's

I Love how these turned out!  Yes, it took A LOT more time than just purchasing already made Valentine cards, but it was fun putting these together with the kids.  And thanks to Dad/Jim for helping out.  He always makes things go a little smoother.
Jim's mom does this fun craft/card idea with the kids when we are camping.  We decided to do it with our Valentine Cards.

To make your own tie-died paper:
Cut cardstock to the size you want.  Spread a layer of shaving cream (1/2"-1" thick) on a paper plate/pie tin/cookie sheet, whatever will be big enough for your paper.  Then drop 3-4 drops of food coloring (per 6" square area) across the top of the shaving cream.  Use a popcicle stick and make zigzags through the shaving cream...creating designs with the food coloring.  Press paper face down on shaving cream.  Lift paper up.  Scrape off shaving cream and TA DA!  COOL DESIGN.
We used latex gloves to keep our hands from being colored.  We glued a matching solid color on the back and the kids wrote their Valentine's message on the back.

HURRAY!  4 KIDS NEEDING VALENTINE'S!  ALL VALENTINE'S ARE DONE!  Now to make the treats for their parties!
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