Monday, March 28, 2011

Cookie FANS!

Many of you know that Monday is "COOKIE MONDAY" at our house!  I have tried really hard to make sure I have cookies coming out of the oven every Monday when my girls walk in the door from school.  Some days it is a challenge to get the cookies done, but other days it is a challenge to not eat them all!  I started Cookie Monday when my girls started school in the fall of 2009.  We had just moved from Utah, my girls were starting a new school and the only thing I thought to do to help them when they got home from their first day was make them cookies.  That's when I decided to do it every Monday!  I also have a friend back home that inspired me to make cookies more often.  My girls spent a few afternoons at her house after school a few years ago.  They came home and told me how MRS. M. always had cookies for her kids after school.  Mrs. M. has inspired me in more ways than this, but almost everytime I make cookies for the kids after school I think of her and miss her.  Thanks Mrs. M., we ALL look forward to Cookie Monday!

In honor of Cookie Monday, I wanted to start something new!  I want to share pictures of Cookie Fans!  So, If you have a picture of you or your young one(s) making cookies together, and would be willing to share it, please send it my way!  I want to try to post one a week for Cookie Monday!  E-mail the picture to me at Kristirowley @ hotmail . com.  Please type in the subject bar, "Cookie FANS!"

Check out our first COOKIE FANS!

This is the CUTEST or should I say HANDSOMEST picture!
These COOKIE FANS made the colored cookies for St. Patricks Day.
Thanks for sharing J. Family!


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